57,000 sq ft of Modern Light Filled Accommodation

Beautifully designed with its bronzed mesh fins facade and aluminium spandrels.

Level IPMS 3 - m2 IPMS 3 - ft2
Penthouse* (Let) 603 6,491
Fifth (Let) 810 8,719
Fourth (Let) 810 8,719
Third 810 8,719
Second 810 8,719
First 804 8,654
Ground 501 5,393
Lower Ground 228 2,454
Office Area 5,376 57,868
*Terrace 183 1,970


Download PDF document of floorplans

Download Floorplans
Lower Ground
Typical (2nd - 5th)


Architectural Specification

Means of Escape
1 person per 6 sq m
Internal Climate
1 person per 8 sq m
Sanitary Accommodation
1 person per 8 sq m

Structural Grid

 A double bay grid of 9.6m x 7.5m and 6.0m x 7.5m
providing flexible internal office space.

Floor Loadings

Office Floors
4.0 kN/sq m
4.5 kN (CAT. B)
Reception Area
4.0 kN/sq m
4.5 kN (CAT. B)
Plant Areas
7.5 kN/sq m
7.0 kN 

Floor Heights

Reception Ceiling Height
Ground Floor Ceiling Height
1st - 6th Floor Ceiling Height
Typical Floor to Floor Height

Service Zones

Raised Access Floor Void
Typical Floor to Ceiling Height
Ceiling zone

Cumberland Place Structure

The superstructure is steel framed with seven levels framed with composite concrete and metal deck floor slabs over ground floor on a double bay grid of 9.6m x 7.5m and 6.0m x 7.5m.

At ground floor the building facade is set back and the loads from above are transferred to the foundations via transfer plate girders at first floor level with a substantial structural depth required given the long cantilevers.

A double level basement, formed in in-site concrete floor covers approximately two thirds of the building footprint.

Design by idea.ie